CARAT Tutorials: History of Coronary Scoring


The coronary artery reporting system adopted by APPROACH © between 1995 and 2008 was based upon the graphic tool known as Heartview © with modifications from the literature to increase the tool's precision.1

A new graphic coronary anatomy and intervention reporting tool called CARAT © (Coronary Artery Reporting and Archiving Tool) has been developed for use by APPRAOCH to achieve, inter alia, the following anatomical reporting goals:

1. To capture greater patient-level detail
2. To develop a clinically relevant expression of lesion severity
3. To present a credible expression of the size and location of the myocardial bed supplied by diseased arteries
4. To abandon the historic three-region (anterolateral, lateral and posterolateral) LV model in favour of the 17-segment model currently adopted by most cardiac imaging systems.2

This document summarizes observations from literature reports that influenced the design of CARAT © with summary comments concerning how this information was used...

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